Sep 9, 2009

Mat Session With the Bionic Knee

My car is currently in the automotive equivalent of the emergency room. That meant no surfing for me today. "No worries," I thought. I was going to get wet whether I did it with a surfboard or not. So, for the first time since my knee replacement surgery, I took out my mat. I'd been hesitant to get back on the mat, certain that kicking with fins would be extremely painful. Well, it wasn't. This new titanium knee is a keeper. Although I still have pain from the surgery itself, I'm no longer suffering through the pain of one bone rubbing on another. Kicking with fins was totally pain-free.

I even managed to ride a real wave. (In the past, I'd think I was riding a wave only to see a picture of myself riding the whitewater.) You know what else was great? The lifeguard looked right at me—remember, I've been on the receiving end of a lecture about how mats are illegal in L.A. County—and didn't say one word.


Jamie said...

and done with style...

GRAYMAN said...

Top stuff mate.

You look slick on the mat. My mum's about to have her hip all bionic'd up so glad to here titanium joints are slick!


Anonymous said...

THis is Mattitude..
i want to suggest to you to not grip the corners of the mat
so hard all the time
try gripping it like you are now for a turn but relax and let your hands lay flat on the mat when its time to let it fly

andrew said...

Mattitude speaks the truth, but your body positioning is nice. style. congrats on being back on the mat.

Surfsister said...

Thanks, guys!!! Mattitude, I will make a mental note to relax my hands. Right now, when I actually catch a wave, I literally hang on for dear life.

Note to self: As The Who would say, "relax and settle down".