Sep 2, 2009

Peak Experiences...

Every day, the mat biz is filled with dream-like moments. The Brinks trucks pulling away from my factory with another load of cash to the bank. The endless stream of mat groupies. Emails from the likes of Spielberg, 50 Cent, Bill Gates, and Obama asking my advice. Collect calls from the Hollister Ranch, begging me to join them for the next swell. It never seems to stop!

But every once in a while, I'm elevated to yet another level of sensual awareness. Today was one such day. Lurking in my Yahoo! inbox this afternoon was this gem from 4GF mat rider Tim C.

"Don’t Forget!

Big Tim is having a demo this Saturday the 5th of September at Iowa Meat Farms, right off Hwy 8 at 6041 Mission Gorge Rd., San Diego, CA 92120, from 2 –5 p.m.!

If you can’t make it, pick up a bag or 2 and maybe a Tee Shirt or Apron on the web.

For more details and some cooking/grillin’ ideas. visit

See you there!

Big Tim"


pranaglider said...

Finally, someone with dreams as grandiose as mine!

Although in mine I'm already at the ranch and funds transfer is being handled by my Swiss bankers.

But live and let live I say!

Anonymous said...

hahahhaa! thanks for postin' Paul, i really do appreciate it but, not as much as the 4GF! these boards rock!

Tim C.

Jay said...


Marshall said...

Damn that!!!!
Fiddy got one first!!! ;-(