Jun 27, 2010

Hawaii Quiver

7'9", 3'6", 2'8".


tomas said...

Oh! it shows up in my browser as a 7'9", 3'6" and a P235/75R15!

LESider said...

whats the 7'9" for???????

misterdirk said...
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misterdirk said...

(Hmm, Blogger's not doing what I tell it.)

Anyway, I was trying to note that those inner tubes put me in mind of the Black Water Rafting experience in the caves near Waitomo.


Pahl Dixon said...

Yeah, that tube is oversize, but not heavy duty, as it is thin vinyl. The 7'9" was (I just sold it) for wintertime big stuff when hanging onto a mat became iffy. Next time I go to Raglan I'll be doing some Waitomo Black Water Rafting. Thanks for the info, Mr Dirk. Tubes rule on flat water!