Jun 12, 2010

Mat Surfing Is Not A Crime!


Got my Tracker today. YEEHA! Hoping to baptize it tomorrow.

Here's some old 70's pic's from the days before mats were outlawed at Boomer. Stewart Reid is the surfer. Back in the day, we had two guys who were really good. The other guy was Ed Hoopes but alas I don't have any photos of him. I used to borrow their mats while body surfing Boomer in the wee hours before the Guards came on duty back in the 70's. They rode the mats that were like your Classic. Not the big ones with the yellow rubber ends.



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Matt said...

I love Boomer! N. Boomer really is a perfect bodysurfing wave (pictured) you don't really need a mat, but S. Boomer, I can remember tricky days when I would have loved to Mat it! But I wouldn't dream of it. Boomer is a sacred refuge for bodysurfing even hand planes are not allowed and I think that's great! By the way thanks for posting that pick of me at Malibu for the header shot, I'm hoping to get some when I'm back in LA next month.