Aug 31, 2011

Cottons - Like we did last summer

Stolen from Pranaglider's blog (23 Breaths):

So with a good 200 degree swell in the water we are heading to Cottons on Sunday for another mat meet.

Be there early, you'll miss some traffic.

Parking is the same as Trestles, you walk down the same path just turn right instead of left when you get to the beach. You can't miss it.

The forecast calls for decent surf so it should be fun. Low tide is at 8:07 am at 2.7 feet which will be good.

If you have questions leave them in the comments section.


Ramsnake said...

I reckon you might be out the back this time around SS!

pranaglider said...

thanks for posting SurfSister!

Piskian said...

200 degrees!Wow,that's warm.
Just bought a new suit meself after mine went colanderwise after ten years of service.
Surely Paul you caould turn your considerable talents to building a teleporter,so that we could all make this meet?

Surfsister said...

LOL!! Well, if the waves are like they were last year, I'll be ready to give it a go. Last year, all I did was get worked!! This year, I plan to ride the mat for all it's worth!