Aug 19, 2011

Three 4GFs on One Wave = A Lot of Laughing

Tremor and I decided today would be a good day to hit up the location of the last L.A. mat meet. The waves seemed a bit weak and pointless on first glance. We still kicked/paddled out nonetheless. Tremor wanted to try out his new UDT. I just wanted to ride my mat. And a funny thing happened while I was assuming the session would be mediocre.

The waves got kind of good! Then, I spied someone onshore with . . . what's this? . . a mat!! Marvin!!

And then there were three.

We proceeded to crack up both ourselves and the surfers. The crowd was mellow and nice. That doesn't mean, of course, they were nice enough not to drop in on us or not snake our waves. I've noticed that people think surf etiquette doesn't apply to those of us on mats. Nonetheless, we had more fun than I could ever begin to describe.

One of my highlights was when Tremor gave his mat to a girl on a surfboard. Although she didn't have fins, she still managed to catch a wave. I could hear her screaming and giggling as she found a wave that hurtled her toward the shore.

I'm tempted to say that this was the most fun I've had on a mat. It wasn't. It was, however, the most I've laughed since . . . last Sunday's Orange County mat meet.

- Seeing Tremor find trim on a mat that's more suited to his size
- Seeing Tremor trying to steer a round tail mat that's more suited to his size
- Hearing Marvin laughing hysterically as a wave picked him up and took him away
- Getting a thumbs up from the official mat photographer after I got a nice wave
- Laughing and laughing and laughing until my stomach hurt

Pray for surf!

Photos by Ken Samuels


GRAYMAN said...

Excellent stuff.

Don't put up with drop-ins though. A quick leash tug or a push down on the outside rail as you go past usually does the trick.



Ramsnake said...

That girl without the fins sure as heel managed to get on that wave alright. No wonder she shrieked!

Geoffrey Levens said...

"Don't put up with drop-ins though"

Heh-heh...yeah. Probably shouldn't admit to this. Even now someone may hunt me down for revenge. BUT - Late 60's I had lifeguard at Malibu call me out of the water from 2 foot surf. He said he was worried about my safety as I was pissing so many people off. I was on a state of the art canvas mat and on every wave there would be at least 2 or 3 or 4 in front of me on surfboards. BUMPER CARS!!!! Bodies were flying everywhere and I was making waves. Snork snork...

Surfsister said...

Ha ha! That's great!!

Yesterday's crowd was fully nice folks. Every time a wave would come, one woman would turn to me and ask, "Party?" Now that's cooperation!!

You know, of course, you men are emboldening me to challenge some of these board surfers. Tug on the leash, huh? Push down on the outside rail? Those two are now stored in my memory banks.

tuskedbeast said...

I would never physically grab or push anyone, ever, whether or not they were aware of what they'd done or were clueless.

What I do then is after we paddle back I talk to the guy (always a guy, btw) like an adult. I first ask if they saw me. 99% of the time they apologize and that's it.

The tiny percentage who are belligerent or whatever I then leave alone. I just figure they're crazy and are looking for a fight.

I learned my lesson that getting in a fight with someone satisfies NOTHING afterword and just ruins my day.

I'm out there to have fun.

GRAYMAN said...

There's always one gives a sensible answer!


On stinkeye, I paddle really close and sit smiling with really wide eyes and a massive grin. Follow them round being really chatty for 5 mins. That does the job usually.



Surfsister said...

Well, I get stared at whether I'm on a mat or a board since there aren't many black women in the lineups. I generally just let my pleasant demeanor, my surfing or my mat riding do the talking for me.

tuskedbeast said...

Well I definitely sometimes get a flash of pure outrage when the drop in is happening, I can't lie. The challenge is to let it go and get centered again.

I'm interested in the subject 'cause we all know riding a prone craft automatically puts you down the pecking order (same with kneeboarding, as many of us know). I'm particularly dorky on the mat 'cause I catch waves in the riding position, way up front, and just look like the most rank, clueless beginner that way, positioning myself clumsily... I think things are getting better as mat surfing gets more media coverage & people kinda know it's not a "boogie" kind of deal... plus the lines & speed I think must be pretty startling.

Tremor Temchin said...

Ain't that the truth!

For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to surf with Surf Sista, let me tell you: it is AWESOME! Every time we've hit the waves together, she's instantly connected with the "locals" in a positive way... And that positivity endures in the face of countless drop-ins and snakings.

In my eyes, Surf Sista is a true ambassasdor of stoke.

Thanks to you (SS), Ken, Carter and Marvin for another great session, and another great contribution to the lexicon of surf matting. Looking forward to our next swell!

Geoffrey Levens said...

"What I do then is after we paddle back I talk to the guy (always a guy, btw)"

Must say that by law of averages and testosterone, usually it is the guys, but I have seen some of the worst repeat offenders be women. Whatever though, Tuskedbeast gave good advice. No point in perpetuating the bad vibes.

Anonymous said...

Holly Beck hates kneeboarders...Fact!

GRAYMAN said...

I don't know who Holly Beck is.