Sep 15, 2011

From Globetrotting Tom!

Hi Paul,

Was in Jersey City overnight and finally put a new location on the
Matnerd-Stoke-World-Tour map. Up at 4 a.m., rolled up the mat and after a 2 hour subway commute arrived at Rockaway Beach, just as the sun came up.

Roaring jets departing JFK overhead and housing complexes behind the boardwalk gave a unique backdrop for the event. A distinctly mellow vibe on the beach and in the unlimited zero-elimination heat together with quite a few shapely waves, made it a very memorable stop.

The subway ride back to Mannhattan among the stoked New York crowd that showed up in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles was a fitting finale for the morning.

Next tour stop is LAX in Sept!



Matt23 said...

I have no formal training but Im sure I could pick up the role of copilot ;-)

LESider said...

Next time you (or anyother matter) get a hold of me! You were at my local break!
I would love to share some waves here with any and all traveling matters, I have spare mats and fins incase some one finds themselves in NYC matless.
Hope you got some goodones!

Anonymous said...

LESider, I was actually thinking about you, but had no idea how to get a hold of you.
Send me a line at su-pr100 at t minus online dot de and we´ll slide some day.
(Hope you can enjoy the NY surffilmfestival!)