Oct 15, 2011

I'm Too Sexy for My Mat

Not really. I do, however, wonder why it is I make these faces when I'm on my mat. Perhaps it's the result of flying down the face on a magic towel. Who knows.

Tremor and I hit what is probably my favorite L.A. mat spot yesterday. I swear, I spend as much time laughing as I do making these faces. I do remember running over T's legs at one point. That had me howling. He'll have to tell you about the board surfer who almost lost his $#%@ when he saw Tremor barreling toward him. Apparently, the guy was smart enough to duck under the water and T went right over him. No harm, no foul.

Go find a wave or two to mat, people!


GRAYMAN said...

That face is called "stoke" Sis. It just means your mat is all in working order.



Geoffrey Levens said...

I means not only is your mat in working order but also that YOU are in working order and working it! Nice pic.

Anonymous said...