Mar 4, 2012

From Richard...

Hi Paul,

Your website continues to be my favorite. I thought it was time for me to make a contribution...oh, were you thinking I meant a monetary contribution? Nope, just a pic from a couple years ago at Wooden Jettey in LBI.


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David from Philly said...


Good to hear from another mat rider from the Mid Atlantic states. I do not know any other mat riders in the area.

I am from Philadelphia so I hit NJ spots a lot .. Mostly OC NJ and further North of LBI. My wife's family is in Redbank NJ so I tend to hit Sandy Hook to Manasquan. Also do The Inlet DE, Assateaque Island and Buxton NC frequently. Was getting to the NY Hamptons etc a lot but that has tapered off.

I have not been to LBI for decades but it seems to be in the cards. I almost did a day trip last year. Surfed there a bit in the 60s (long boards) but its a blur. I do recall staying at a LBI house with my parents on the beach way back then .. my teenage girfriend was along and snuck out of her room to join me .. we got busted. Yikes.

I also love paddling in the NJ Pine Barrens that are close to you. I hit at least one of the rivers every year. Its amazing that it is right in the NE corridor!

Maybe we can round up any other regional mat misfits into a mat meet this summer. I find the UK and West Coast events ammusing but have not been to any. Maybe Paul could help with some other contacts in the NY / NJ / PA / DE /MD / VA, NC area. VA and NC might be too much for most but who knows?

I need a couple more weeks to get past recent shoulder surgery or I would suggest we suit up and go for it sooner.

If a meet seems like to much perhaps we might just share a session with less fanfare.

In any case, glad to hear from you.