May 28, 2012

Latest Mat Max Update...

Hi Paul,

Howzit? I've been riding Bob Clark's XL lately and loving it! The Mini is languishing because the waves have been micro every time the condition come right.

Here's a post for for you to put on Surfmatters if you deem it fit for publication (feel free to edit):


Over the years the air volume in my surfmats has become much more consistently set at precisely 90 degrees bend (without stretching the fabric and at ambient water temperature) to accommodate a broader array of conditions.

I generally use three specific amounts of inflation:

1. 180 degrees bend for rocketing across rare super-clean fast small walls.

2. Right angle for anything from sub-average to excellent conditions.

3. Blown up hard specifically for extra-gnarly sucking-out dredgers.

For my tastes, exact 90 degrees bend offers a magic configuration of; comfortable stable platform, rails with crisp tucked under edges, sharp shallow channels, and sufficient flatness across the pontoons.

This ideal combination results in good handling, grip on the waves, and high speeds. Personally, I've found no appreciable benefit from adding or reducing a bit more or less air. Of course this is just my own preference, and I'm not dissuading anyone from making subtle adjustments to their own mats.

My intent here is to encourage other matters to give this technique a go and share their opinions.

Another great aspect of this 90 degrees inflation discovery is that it's super-easy for people who have never matted before to have an fun time getting the best feelings. I'm really stoked on being able to just set my mat and go without thinking or making mistakes. For me, 90 degrees bend is just the right angle!

Cheers Mates,



Pahl Dixon said...

That pict is from the wayback file when I was liking bend like the number seven for Gen 1 4GFs. Max

Pahl Dixon said...

Went out on the Mini today in 2 to 4 foot wobbly glassy reef break. (90 degree bend inflation.) It worked just fine and was good fun. The Mini is going to be great when the waves are gnarly! Max

Pahl Dixon said...

Rode the Mini again today at a lined-up glassy beachbreak and had the chance to let it run in critical trim on a clean 4' wall. It has just enough length and width for me to carefully perch without any body parts touching the water (or so it seems). The small platform reduces drag compared to the 5GF and the increased velocity potential is noticeable. Sharp turns are easier too. Max