May 15, 2012

Michelle On Her 5GF...

Hi Paul,

Got the 5GF's, puffed one up, and they sure look lean and wicked. Should get the chance for a test run the next day or so.

I had to have a day off mat surfing because after going every day for 6 weeks, I'm a bit mat surfed out! Especially since we have had pumping waves for weeks it seems. I've gone down a couple of trouser sizes as well, and my injured leg is responding very well to all the flippering.

Mat riding is such a full body work out its amazing how fit I've become in a short time. Now its become something more than a hobby or sport, it's a lifestyle !!!!

Here's a couple of photos of Michelle on the 5GF. With her light weight, she can make it fly even in small stuff!



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