Mar 17, 2014

From Dennis ...

Hi Paul,
A film of our day at Mablethorpe, on the east coast of the UK. I was riding the Fatty and, as always, it's fun, fun, fun!

Keep up the good work,


bluey said...

Hey Dennis
I have ridden mats a few times at Mablethorpe over the years. It's cold, has huge tides, but worth it for those days when swell, wind and tide all come together.
Good to see others are doing it on the east coast of England.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bluey,
It's surprising how many days you can get out and there's only ever a handful out even on the best of days. Got to get used to the cold- summer gets flat spells for weeks and weeks!

Unknown said...

Im only down the road. Do you surf there much?