Apr 24, 2014

Instagram Update ...

I guess we've cracked the magic "200 follower" number. I think Instagram gives you a million dollars or a free trip to Morocco or something for this particular threshold. I'll have to ask Surf Sister, who's our Instagram honcho.

The photos she's publishing aren't exactly what I would pick, but since I get to post all the shots on Surfmatters, this changes things up. The shots themselves have to be square, or almost square, to work on Instagram, so the format is different than the overall trend toward wide-width imagery in our culture. At first it kind of bugged me, but seeing familiar photos cropped differently is actually kind of interesting.



Honestly, I don't have a feel for the appeal of Instagram -- I still use a flip-phone -- so I'm letting Surf Sister run with it and see what happens.

Oh...I'm back from Oregon, so orders and inquires will get a quick response!



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