Sep 15, 2014

From Colin ...

Hey Paul!
Wanted to let you know that our bike trip (Florence, OR to San Diego) went great and I used the mat the whole way down.  It was my first time in Cali and biking the coast was an amazing way to experience it.   Have to say that all the surfers I met were stoked on the mat and our trip, never a bad vibe the entire time.
But since you probably see more than enough mat photos from OR and Cali, here's one of me hitting a spot back home this past weekend ;)    Working on a video so you can see how these waves work and perhaps recommend a model to move up to from the Fatty.

All the best !


tuskedbeast said...

Enjoyed your trip diary! And, please... Cali f o r n i a

Colin said...

I wasn't actually the same guy biking down the coast who had the blog... But I did hear about him, I think I was just ahead of him "Hey, some other guy is biking down the coast with a surf mat". I can't believe he only had a 2/3 !