Sep 24, 2014

From Tom ...

Hey Paul,

Here's the pic of the mat-action; hope you dig it! The groovy thing about mat surfing: a three-foot wave is double overhead! ;)

Decided to add a couple of me carving on my fish from that day.

As you know, Shauna surprised me with a FGF Standard, and thanks to your suggestion, I'm definitely digging it, brother!

I'm originally from the Oregon coast (3rd gen Oregonian, if I may add!) and Shauna and I were visiting my ex-hometown, Charleston, OR, when we ran into my old friend Greg (and Polly) Barber; that's where the inspiration came to get Shauna a mat. (She ordered an Omni from you and is completely stoked!) I've always been a stand up surfer, and Shauna insisted I try her mat, and found it to be mind-blowing and amazing - hence, her surprising me with the Standard!

The past couple weeks I've been up at my mom's house in Washington state, and surfing Westport (where I learned to surf in the mid '80's). After my stand up session, I  took the mat out and caught some FUN waves.

Shauna has excelled with the mat, she's so stoked, and has surfed on Santa Cruz Island (we keep our sailboat in Channel Islands harbor and cruise out there frequently), the Strand (yes, Oxnard!), C Street, and the south jetty in Newport, OR. 

Anyway, thanks for making a GREAT and FUN vehicle for surfing, Paul, and hope to cross paths sometime!

Have a groovy day, and pray for rain!


Tom V

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