Feb 25, 2015

From Ian ...

Hi Paul,
I don't mind if you post some of my photos of the spots on the West coast of Ireland. Most of the roads here have no names and the spots are numerous, very tide-dependent, only turn-on during the depths of winter, or with weird combinations of swell-tide-wind that one really needs to put the time in to find. For those willing to do the yards arguably deserve to be rewarded - most won't though. Winter waves in Ireland are abundant and, relative to Australia (I can't comment on the States), empty.



Speedshaper said...

Toured Ireland in October 1976. Saw Inch Point going off. I was up on the road driving by, probably 100 ft. above sea level. I guesstimated it about 10-12 ft. The waves were peeling off for an incredible distance. Likely over a mile. Never saw a section drop, just spinning off! Way outta my league!

misterdirk said...

I got some good waves In Ireland in the mid-90s, always wanted to go back with a mat. Tidal swings were more than I'd ever seen before, so it was just pure luck when I'd score, but score I did, and always alone, with just my dear wife to bear witness : )