May 13, 2015

From Art ...

Thanks for the quick service on the surf mat. I plan to use it like it shows me in this picture. This is in a narrow granite canyon in central Arizona that I've been going to for more than 40 years. I sit on the mat and stay out of the cold water. The air mattress I've been using is worn out and I'm looking forward to about 15 more years going there with your surf mat.
I'm sure the surf mat will provide plenty of buoyancy for my technique. Besides, I'm
thrilled to be soon owning something that was NOT made in you-know-where by Communists.
Photo from the first trip through in 1973 with no-longer-made Stebco air mattresses.

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Anonymous said...

I always checkout Surfmatters. What do I find? Paria Canyon matting, and the beach boys at Utahs at the ranch. Small world, I was There man. That was Cowboy Henderson, who rode for Hobie. His van was used to transport them. I preferred his girlfriend Candi Tanny, Vick Tannys' child, who was a Mammie van Dorren lookalike and a naturist.

In the Arizona, Utah area are these beautiful canyons. Its like the Ranch for hiking. Thunderstorms are fatal. That is why he is going when the water is cold. Thanks to you and Gloria.