Jul 22, 2016

From Akihiro ...

Akihiro is a new mat surfer from Hekinan, Japan. He speaks very little English, and my Japanese is less than zero...so we've spend a lot of time on babelfish trying to talk back and forth.

If you're a mat surfer in Japan, drop us an email if you want to share anything with him...he seems like an affable chap!

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Geoffrey Levens said...

Wow! I "used" Babblefish and Google translate a few times in South America trying to just get something done; most of the local business folks where I was were into it as well having a computer screen right nearby. Kinda fun and it really teaches you in unforgettable way how much is lost in idiom and cultural meaning when translating between languages, not to mention frequent multiple meanings of words and phrases that very completely with context.

Best of luck to you both is all I can say. HAH! Oh, boy... Might take screen shots just in case something really classic shows up in the garble (Hmmmm Garblefish, I rather like that)