Jul 25, 2016

From Dave ...

G'day Paul,

I appreciate you taking a look at my favorite mat and seeing if anything can be done to keep it going. In addition, I would like to order a new one just in case it is terminal!  Same kind Omni unless you have any suggestions idea? I'm 215-220lbs, strong in the water and love to ride my mat.

I started on a Standard then went to an Omni. My daughter Sarah still uses Standard, but I will nab it for tomorrow's Cabo/East Cape trip.  I've surfed my Omni world wide from point breaks in South Africa to some exotic South Pacific reefs.

I'm still getting some great rides on the Omni, just have to blow it up every couple rides, no problem if you can not fix it. I will ride it until it departs for Mat Heaven! 

Let me know how much I owe for the new one. I am off to Cabo tomorrow morning, will check email periodically.


This was a solo session in South Pacific Reef pass a little too much water for surfing and the break in general but really fun on a mat!

Here a re a couple of more fotos Sarah took of me one morning last winter.  I am blessed to be able to surf waves like this all by myself, not that I wouldn't mind sharing them with others. I'm in San Jose now, there was some left over swell from the hurricanes, but boat is a mess so I am in work mode.

Hoping to get out before we put to sea. 

Ciao, Dave

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Paddleboard Gal said...

These swells look awesome thanks for sharing!