Jun 21, 2017

Cheap Mats: Gateway Drug ???


Hi Paul,

Just wanted to thank you for the great mat!!

That first 10 dollar mat that Steiny passed along to me is ending up in all the right hands.  I think a bunch more Santa Cruz orders are coming your way.  My friend Jersey John made an order and mentioned that you have some health stuff going on.  I hope all of that goes really smoothly for you.

The Vespa has been awesome so far and allows access to a bunch of days and spots where surfboards are not an option.  Ryan and I are starting to figure out the whole squeezing that outside rail corner and using that inside fin to help keep our line.  Still kooks to the max but having freaking blast the whole time.  Thanks again for passing along the stoke!!  Low inflation nation!!



Geoffrey Levens said...

Good cautionary tale! That is exactly how I started, a cheap red/blue mat I bought on Amazon. Actually I got started as a little kid on rental mat long before bodyboards, but that just opened the neurological pathways so the Amazon mat only required one single wave and I was a gonner.

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Ha ha ha! That's great