Jun 4, 2017

From Cher and Steve


 Chris and Steve

 Joy, Steve, and Chris


Dear Paul,

We just read on your blog that you are having some health issues. So sorry to hear. Steve and I are sending healing thoughts and prayers, and hope that you are OK.

Here are a few photos from our Australia trip. There are no photos of us surfing, as I was in the water. We hope that you enjoy them.

Steve and I want to let you know how much fun that we are having, riding your amazing wave crafts. They are tons of fun!! Thank you!

Last week I enjoyed some high speed slides / drifts and pulled them off. Steve was flying!

In Australia, we had a blast matting with Joy, George and Chris. A special shared time among us all.

Take good care.

Warm regards,

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cherlita said...

Hi, Paul,
Thank you for the nice post.
Riding your 4G Flyers is tons of fun!
Aloha, Cher and Steve