Jun 15, 2017

Why Can't Aussies Learn To Have Some Fun???

Hi Paul

We all caught up with Terry (Toweling) Wild last Sunday, after picking up Eric and heading up to Werri Beach to meet up with our friends from the South Coast Body Surfer. Terry joined us in a paddle on his Lotus surf and a few laughs later!

Always great catching up with good friends & true mates!!



Terry said...

Thanks Adam and Paul G. Such a fun morning. The Lotus is a great mat.

misterdirk said...

How could they not have fun? What a playground they have there! I really would love to visit someday.

tuskedbeast said...

Good question, Paul.
It's too easy to point a finger at the Australian school system. What we're dealing with is something either chromosomal or possibly dietary.
Just look at the thinly veiled anguish on those faces... the stance of resignation visible in that fellow's morose trudge into the water.... I tell you, it's hard to really savor the unfolding of our new US political era knowing that my Antipodean brothers are suffering so.
And... come on, you commenters. The only way to solve a problem, especially a psychological malaise, is to confront it, not offer up pollyannaish, patronizing platitudes. It's time for something beyond soul-searching.

It's time for soul one-hour Martinizing.

And I'm sorry if you don't know what that is.

Paul Gross said...

My experience in Australia -- which was 40 plus years ago -- sent me scurrying back to the States within a couple of months. The level of 'sour-tude" was off the charts. No one ever laughed, either at themselves or anyone else.

And their reluctance to engage in any kind of social imbibement was disturbing. Good luck trying to get a bunch of Aussies to hit the local pub after a surf. "No mate, we have to stay focused on work/school. How is alcohol going to help with our future plans? No wonder you Seppos are always coming in 2nd place!"

Google "Australians Laughing," click on images, and you get nuthin'. Sad

Ryan Holmes said...

Are those the new Viagra fins? And seriously what find are they? They look perfect for my local pointbresks!

Terry said...

They are leblon fins. I reckon they are perfect for mat riding. We Aussies are a serious lot as you can see. It must be the lack of crowds, the almost unlimited coastline, the free medical and education and great beer.

Come over any time


Paul Gross said...

Freud dealt with the chronic unhappiness of Australians in his seminal work, "The Chronic Unhappiness Of Australians."

It's a good read. Check it out.

tuskedbeast said...


Terry said...

I'm more of a Jung man myself.....:)

tuskedbeast said...

A Jung man... ain't got nuthin' in the world these days...