Jul 19, 2017

Best. Newbie. Ever.

8:14 AM:

Hi there Paul!

Had my first dose of Surf Mat Fun yesterday and I am completely addicted!!  How soon can I have my own mat? :)

My good friend Arturo brought his 2nd mat down to Santa Monica so I could try it out, it worked great.   We had so much fun catching wave after wave, it was ridiculous! I really appreciate how portable this fun toy is, we just rolled them up, put them in the backpack and biked down to the beach for late afternoon session.  So easy, SO FUN!!

Here are my details:
116-120 lbs
Longboard along the coast from Ventura to San O

Arturo believes both of his mats are XL - but had his 2nd mat spec'd for his gf.... Let me know what info you would need to select the best mat for me!

Thank you!!!



Hi Heather,

Stoked that you're stoked! Mat riding is a blast, and you never get tired of it.


My records show I built Arturo a lengthened Fatty for him, and a thinned out Standard for his GF.

A custom Standard is what I would build you, and it sounds like that's what you rode yesterday.

If you order a custom Standard today, I can get it out late in the day tomorrow, and you would get it Friday or Saturday. No upcharge for the custom work.


PS  Is Arturo still living in Santa Barbara?




Fantastic!! Sounds great!! I really can't wait to go Mat Riding again!

I will probably order a 2nd Mat - having an extra around for friends would be ideal... so awesome to see adults turn into kids full of laughter and smiles for miles!

How do I pay you?  Paypal?  mail a check?

Arturo is still living in SB, yes!  He travels quite a lot for work these days.




Hi Heather,

A second mat would be great to have. I would recommend an Omni. That's the most versatile mat model we have, and suits a lot of mat riders.

To order:

Open our home page at surfmats.com

Go to the dropdown list along the top

Click on surfmats

Click on the model or models you want.

You can order from there.

It's a paypal site, but you don't need a paypal account, just a credit or debit card.

Order a Standard and an Omni, and I'll know that the Standard needs to be custom for you.





Paul - Thank you!  It's done!
I am so stoked!! can't wait!!

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Welcome to the club!