Jul 14, 2017

More North Florida Stoke



There's a little energy in the water! Here are a couple of pics Chris got yesterday during our Dawn Patrol session. I surfed with Chris, his Mom Kathy, and Ryman. Joy was on tap yesterday morning 😀!

The Polara delivered! I'm up early chasing the sunrise. Thanks for all you do. I would not know the happiness and Joy I feel today without the Ocean and 4GF's in my life. Sending lots of positive vibes and healing energy. Keep Spreading the Stoke!

Tristan and I have been surfing together and he has caught his first unbroken waves! He loves his mat! We just haven't been able to surf when someone can take pics yet. There is nothing like sharing a wave with my Son. His face lights up like it's Christmas morning when he's screaming down the face! I've got to run if gonna make the sunrise.

Super Stoked,
Rob P

PS In the first picture, if you zoom in, I'm on the wave in the bottom right. That's my fin in the air.


Paul Gross said...

The second image from the top is nominated for, "Best Mat Photo Ever."


Unknown said...

Wow, that is quite a compliment coming from you Paul, thank you! Rob had some awesome slides that I missed that morning, but I'm always happy to get out of the water with even a few captures that are worth keeping...Rob's moving so fast it's hard to capture!

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeewwww! Chris gets some awesome snaps, I can't take any credit! :)