Jan 15, 2019

From Lewis

OK, so 5 time F1 driving champion Lewis Hamilton gave Kelly Slater's aquatic brothel -- er, Wave Ranch -- a try.  I have no idea how much surfing experience Hamilton has, but he looks pretty comfortable.

There are a couple of clips on his Instagram page, and he's gotten around a million views each thus far.

Here's one of the vids.

Here's another.

I was fine with all of it...until I saw Kelly and his posse in full wetsuits basking in a hot tub.

I don't consider myself any more or less a purist than most ocean surfers, but this is a bridge too far for me. It's indicative of why there's push back on the whole idea of wave pools dominating the media-driven aspects of surfing. Wave pool surfing is indeed a different sport, with a different lifestyle.

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