Jun 1, 2019

Proof There's Nothing New Under The Sun ...

 Selfie stick, 1925

 Flat screen TV with video recorder, 1961.

 Electric car and home charger, 1912.

Buster Keaton with early Segway, 1920's.

Working car phone, 1924

Shipboard gymnasium, 1912

 Battery operated mobile radio, 1931

Fax machine, 1938 

 Svante Arrhenius, who claimed that burning fossil fuels may lead to global warming, 1896.

 Winged suit, 1938

SUP, 1960
Virtual reality machine, 1967

Surfing specific air mat, 1925

Warm, welcoming Oxnard locals, c. 1930

Depiction of Assyrian river crossing on an inflated animal belly, c. 750 BC

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tuskedbeast said...

Just want to say I've been loving these, and I see you've been adding to them- keep going!

(I wanted to contribute, but the only thing that came right to mind was "Pimp: The Story of My Life" by Iceberg Slim, which would of course be full-slang Gangsta Life happening in the 1930s... beyatch!)