Jun 18, 2019

Tips From The Pros: Spotting A ''Deep Fake" 4GF Knockoff !!!

As trade tensions rise between the USA and China (which is all Obama's fault, BTW), it stands to reason that Australia would somehow weasel their way into the melee. As a country said to be, "A sunny place for shady people," Australians have attracted an increasing number of fake 4GF surfmats to their shores. The collapsing economy (which is all Labor's fault, BTW) combined with the unprincipled beach-going population is a petrie dish of corruption.

Initially, Mexico answered the siren call of the Australian market, producing crummy knockoffs under the revered, time-honored 4th Gear Flyer label. Seeing a gold mine, China then got into the act, knocking off the Mexican knock-offs...in effect creating the first "Deep Fake" surf mats.

So how do you, one of the 3 or 4 honest surfmatters left Down Under, spot a deep fake?

Let's look at the simplest approach, shall we?

Study a real 4GF Surfmat. Note the deft hand used to inscribe the flange. Note the high quality silver ink used in said inscription. Note the proper spelling...

Now analyze a deep fake, Chinese 4GF. Of course, the handwriting is sloppy, the ink is splotchy, and the alleged builder is one "P. Gonzales." But more importantly, the phrase "Made In The Mexico" is a dead giveaway that, not only is it a fake, it's a deep fake...translating Spanish into English, by way of Mandarin!

One last thought...

Any import routed through, around, over, or under the SCUMM crime family is a sure tip off!


Anonymous said...

How horrible that someone would do that to the mat world.
I am befuddled.
I might suggest a way to stop it would be to build a wall somewhere
around the Marianas Trench area and patrol it with mats made in Asia that
appear to come from Australia or the USA.
That way any mats not up to the rigid specs of the 4GF would be denied access.
And if that doesn't work then we should all stop wearing swim fins. That will
separate the wheat from the chaff.

PVC's Blog said...

The Invasion Begins..