Dec 19, 2020

Spotted By Steiny


Santa set up shop in Santa Cruz recently, and brought along his Vespa in case he had time to crack it. (He's strictly a westsider, BTW...)  Between go-outs, he used his favorite roundtail up on it's nose as a door to his inflatable workshop. 

 "Ho Ho Ho! I'd like to drop a few LBs by this time next year, and get a Tracker," Santa commented hopefully.

The candy cane window dressing is serving as high-carb chow for his reindeer as they chill before launching next Thursday night!


pranaglider said...

You fly around the world enough times you see things
Pumping point breaks with no one out
A mat and fins in the sled
Perfect for a quick go out
after gifting the world
Peace on Earth

tuskedbeast said...

Santa... and Captain Tom?

Happy Holidays, Surfmatters!

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

What a world!