Aug 20, 2009

From Marc B in the Netherlands...

Hi Paul,

Just a quick report from the Netherlands...

The UDT model works fine! Especially for the Dutch sloppy waves. I use it on the smaller days.

We have had a few really good mat days this summer and i mostly use the new XL model. The hybrid deck of the new XL model works so good. You can get grip on it and also replace your body very easy.

The last three weeks we haven't had any waves so i'm pretty full of energy and waiting for waves! Fall is coming so for Holland that means waves!

I'm so stoked to be a matsurfer. Its hard for a Dutchy to explane that in proper English.

I hope everything is fine with you.

All the best and speak to you soon.



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PG said...

Just to clarify what Marc is referring to...

We are now making a "UDT" model 4GF. It is the largest mat we can make, given the width of our material and the length of the bonding equipment.

Size-wise, if the Standard is a "1" and the Fatty is a 2, and the XL is a 3...then the UDT is a 5. It's been well recieved by the half dozen people who are riding prototypes.

The UDT is intended for very large surfers, or surfers wearing a LOT of wetsuit, or very small waves.

There will be more information in the 4GF website in the coming weeks.

If anyone is interested in ordering one, contact me through the comments/questions section of the site.