Oct 5, 2009

From Marc in The Netherlands...

Hi Paul,

Today (5 October) we had the best surf of the year in the Netherlands! This weekend we had a storm. On Monday it went offshore with a light wind. The waves were the best of 2009! (For Dutch waves).

The quality of the pictures are not very good. I've mat surfed for about 5 hours and had really good rides! Tonight I will sleep like a little boy. Hope everything is fine with you.

Speak to you soon.



GRAYMAN said...

Second pic is lush mate! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! The waves were sooo nice!!

SEO packages said...

great pictures!

bluey said...

great North Sea waves, had a few session in Lincolnshire in the UK like this over the years, cold brown barrels, but worth the headache !