Nov 30, 2009

Cheers Mates!

When I learned that PG was building 4GFs again after a few years layoff, I was super-elated, because my last mat had gone the way of so many other good things in life that fade out over time. Soon after getting back into matting I decided to put up this blog to share the fascination. And now that all of you out there are making it happen on its own, I have to thank you for your participation and enthusiasm. This last flurry of posts and comments on the style question I posed is truly heartwarming, and validates my own feelings and experiences, which are as varied as your opinions. Anyway, three cheers for Paul Gross, who carries on providing us with such tremendous fun. Really, although this blog is absolutely open to all manner of mats and matters, Surfmatters was inspired by PG and his work. Thank you contributors for helping him and ourselves to keep up the stoke!


Piskian said...

I was under the impression that this blog was for all surfmatting,regardless of brands etc.No matter!
It's all good.

Pahl Dixon said...

Absolutely is this blog for any and all manner of mats and matters (I amended the post to reflect this). The fact is that riding 4GFs was the initial inspiration, so I'm really grateful to PG, and I ultra-appreciate everyone who participates in Surfmatters!

piskian said...

I'll let you off then!Thanks for doing this all,mate.It inspires me to get out of the house in the horrendous weather we've been having!