Mar 24, 2010

Another Mat Mystery For The Ages...

This cryptic mat riding photo turned up in my yahoo mail box this afternoon. The only provided information was that the outer wave is being surfed by a mat rider, and it's a left. (The latter I figured out on my own.)

Any further details would be greatly appreciated! :)


Steve and Cher Pendo said...

TMat riding---matt gliding at mystery spot :-)))
Photo: Cher

PG said...

Thanks, Cher. That really clears it up!


Tom said...

And Cher shot the photo yesterday morning!

micro said...

PG is a legend, had another sick mat sesh today, my mate 'mat', yes that is his name and i did a share sesh with my log and my mat, we ha a blast riding different equipment, my surfing has improved with the mat in my quiver, 'mat' had a blast on my mat, picked it up pretty quick, thanks PG, your mats are the ultimate buzz, every surfer or and waterperson should have one, mike c from NZ

proneman said...

Hey Paul
Not sure where that wave is.....but it looks like a left!
Hope that helps!

PG said...

Next, someone will try to tell me that's Steve-o paddling out.

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Confirmed this morning that TMat is riding his 4th Gear Flyer in the photo, fly'n 5th gear.
Aloha, Cher and Steve

Paul said...

micro said: "my surfing has improved with the mat in my quiver"

I've had the same experience, Mike. I'm puzzled as to why this has happened. But I swear my short boarding has improved since I've hopped back and forth between mat and board.

After taking in a few tips from Jamie, I finally found the fabled extra gear. Found it where he said it would be, the sandbank outside of Greenmount point. I'm won over.
Matting puts the "S" back in stoked.


andrew said...

looks fun, Tom! Hope to join you for another session next time you're in town.