Mar 7, 2010

Ben Goes Right!

Dear Paul,

Thank you so very much for the Fatty. I took out my watercam on it for the first time here in West Bali today. Attached my best ride (as the rest sucked due to technical difficulties learning the controls of the camera case). I'll send more vids when (and if) I progress. I like my new mat very much.

Thanks again,

West Bali


Piskian said...

when does this come out in 3D?I was waiting for him to hit that bloke on the beach!!

GRAYMAN said...

Howdo Ben. Is that cam fixed to the mat or your head? Looks like the mat!


GRAYMAN said...

What kinda cam is it by the way?


Ben said...

It's a hand-held Fuji FinePix A820 in a water housing by Fuji. My Mom and Dad gave it to me. Maybe we'll get more surf here, even though it's not the right season, and then I can send some better shots with rides all the way to the sand.