Feb 10, 2012

What's Your Frequency, Kendog?

Photo: Lance Smith

Being sick last week, I didn't get in the water for about 10 days. That's much longer than I usually go without surfing, especially in the fall and winter. I average once every 2-3 days, minimum.

Whenever I stay out of the water for more than a week, the next go out is really fun and exciting. Even junk surf seems good. On the other hand, when I get out every day, or nearly everyday, I start to lose my stoke, and even good waves seem humdrum.

So what surf-frequency do you like best? What's often enough to keep you in shape, but not so much that your stoke goes stale?


Denis said...

Yes, I agree with you, Paul. I have the same surfing frequency as you, even when it gets freezing cold, here, in french central coast.
But, when I loose my stoke a bit, I tend to change my surfing habits, going from a regular surfboard to a displacement Hull (like the one Tim Mason shaped myself, "the S.U Velo", you've designed with Spence Kellog), or going to another spot...
But with a surfmat, I rarely loose my stoke, these days...in fact, at 39 years old, I'm feeling like a kid wanting to surf 24 hours a day, skipping school, homework, lunch with family and even sleeping time, as full moon surfing is so fun with a bag full of air!!

Is there any cure, doctor??



Piskian said...

Once a week does me,but when surf's good and I'm free,I feel noblesse oblige to ride it on behalf of those who can't.

misterdirk said...

4 days on and 4 off would suit me fine, but the reality is that my interim lulls are usually too long, due to whatever -- extracurricular obligations, not enough swell, etc. But when it's happening I do tend to milk the most hours of water time that I can out of each day.

Anonymous said...

Frequent! I have popped three mats this winter, can't seem to get my wetsuit dry, my fin socks have holes in them, and I have a horizontal stress crack half way down my big toe nail from wearing my fins so much, my wife says she doesn't remember what I look like (that might not be a bad thing), and oh yeah, the surf is good again today, uh, tonight! Kendog out!

Piskian said...

Kendog by Calvin Klein-the essence of matter.

GRAYMAN said...

I generally surf twice in a week with the occaisional 3 times. There is nothing worse than getting stale.

Last Easter we had epic waves and I was off for two weeks. I happily let days go by.

Piskian made a good observation a little while back (a bit off topic). The best sessions are when you paddle out in crap and have a blast!