Feb 21, 2012

From Brett...

Hi Paul,

Mats arrived this morning in perfect order and I was so excited I had to go straight out to test the fatty. The surf was tiny 1 foot and I had doubts that I would even be able to catch a wave. Oh how wrong I was, this mat blew my mind from the get go, so easy to catch waves, loose and fast. I had so much fun caught 30 waves and came in stoked, and thats in surf I normally wouldnt even consider riding the mal in.

I added a sequence of my very first wave on the fatty that my wife was good enough to capture as she knew how excited I was.

Thanks again Paul Im truly stoked with the mats and I cant wait to get the standard in some decent waves and I'll let you know how mind blowing I know its going to be.


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misterdirk said...

That looks fun to me!