Feb 15, 2012

Which Lighting Do You Prefer?

Classic California morning overcast ("June gloom")?


Cloudy, with the threat of rain?


Sunny with front-lit waves?


Sunny with backlighting?


Surfing with no daylight at all?


Or are you so stoked to be out surfing, you don't give a damn???


Or, are you a mat riding purist...you don't even need to go down to the beach to be stoked???


daniel said...

moonlight for me but my life on land makes that a hard one most of the time. so the fog and the wind mix make for empty slides in the sea of my mind

PG said...

I've always like backlit waves. It's easier to read the thickness of approaching waves with light coming through the back. And the light's behind you when you ride, so everything is easily visable.

On downside...you're somewhat more likely to get dropped in on since surfers down the line are looking in to the sun as you approach them.

June gloom is nice because there isn't any glare, and, if you're fair skinned, less need to slather up with sunblock.

pranaglider said...

Then as well as now I prefer June gloom. I squint too much for anything else.

Surfsister said...

I don't even give a damn. I've been out on my mat, kicking back and forth to maintain my mat fitness, when it was dead flat. I love the mat so much that I'm not picky about the lighting.

misterdirk said...

Sunny backit for me -- the sheer visual stimulation gives me great pleasure. But yeah, I dropped in on 2 different guys recently under those conditions. I swear! I looked but I never even saw them!