Mar 23, 2013

4GF Stealth Mats...

After receiving a number of emails over the years from mat riders wishing to remain the background of surfing's insatiable need to document itself, we've finally developed what can best be described as a "Stealth Mat."

Utilizing the same technology employed by US bombers and fighter jets to avoid radar detection, these next-gen 4GFs simply refuse to be photographed with proper focus.

The above stealth prototypes were plopped into the surf in full view of a professional surf photographer, hell bent on documenting mat surfing for posterity...and the positive result speak for itself. Mission accomplished!


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...


Geoffrey Levens said...

Truly amazing that it showed up in the pic. Was he using some special, secret NASA technology to photograph?

Grayman said...

Speed blur


PG said...


It's basically open warfare, technologically speaking.

We come up with a stealth mat, the photogs come up with ways to get around it. Then we get stealth-ier. It's a vicious circle!

Anonymous said...

My wife took those from the cliff. i like the secret camera fuzziness of them.

Just surfed surf swell Cowell's beautiful mayhem. So fun. The sandbar has set up nicely, if not for the crowd a mat would have been fun. Rode a 9'6" Mabile Glider- it worked well.

All my best, thanks for making surfing fun.

J Steinberg

Anonymous said...

By the way, in your current entry "4GF Stealth Mats", those pictures were taken last Sunday at Steamer Lane and I am in both photos!

I matted with Steiny and our friend Brian Himlan that and had an absolute blast! In the first photo I am in the middle trying to paddle over the top of the wave and Brian was paddling into position. The second photo is Brian setting up for one of his monster bottom turns - that guy has a lot of style prone or stand up surf!

One of the best surf sessions for me ever! For a while it just the three of us trading waves and encouraging each other to paddle in. Personally I caught 5 or 6 waves on my Standard that were just memorable!

It was one of those days surf-wise or otherwise that you felt the planets were truly aligned and karma was one on your side:

1) absolutely gorgeous spring weather

2) a 5k/10k organized race that completely blocked off a lot traffic that discouraged the usual weekend crowd from hitting cowells/lane

3) a wide angle swell

4) low morning tide

5) great waves to go around for everyone

6) and most of all, even better people to share waves with!



Anonymous said...

those shots were at indicators below the parking lot (Carping Lot!). Fun mat wave in there on low tide.

It was me, Brian Himlan (the paipo guy) and Andy Ding out. Super fun and not crowded.

i hope you are well.

South Swell Mell

Anonymous said...

I too have been out of focus. We have located a minimal peak way outside. It is spring break so we named it Matterhorny. We are pushing the limits of tinyness. The other new and top secret spot is called whatsthe. I the present time I am soloing these out of focus locations just over the horizon. Some of the locals call me the whatsthematter. I would tell you more but then it would all become clear and they would come and take you away.