Mar 23, 2013

Greenough's Hidden Genius...


One of the best lessons I learned from George was back in the 70's. We were down at Panavision in LA, picking up something relating to his homebuilt, waterproof 35mm movie cameras. As soon as we walked in, he immediately gravitated to the oldest, geekiest guy in the place. Later on, I asked him why he picked that one guy to talk to.

"Anywhere you go, anything you do, find the oldest geek you can and pick his brain. They know everything!"

In Crystal Voyager, there's a quick shot of George chumming with a photographer fitting the description of that mythical techie/guru. It's a small moment in CV...but it says volumes about George.

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Piskian said...

I'm currently propagating facial topiary for that very reason.Already garnered two awesome barrel sessions,and received two helps across the road.Props to the pops!