Mar 28, 2013

From Tremor...

Hi Paul,

Hope you're well. I just scored a couple of excellent days of matting, and I wanted to share the stoke.
The first session was with Mary on Sunday morning, and conditions were stellar. Ken Samuels got this photo of me. One of the best barrels I've ever had.
Yesterday afternoon I went back on the low tide. Beautiful, belly-high sets were sucking out on the rock and lining up through the inside but no one was out... the kelp was atrocious! No fear - I blew up my Greenough-Spec UDT and dragged myself across the kelp bed for a solo session. What an amazing mat! I absolutely flew over the weed, connecting sections and locking into screaming little walls whenever they appeared. The GSUDT felt like a rocket - especially on cut-backs. I'm guessing that's a product of the added length, width and roundtail of the UDT? Anyway, the GSUDT continues to surprise me - thanks for that!
Lastly, my recently married friends, Dan and Katherine just back from the Dominican Republic, where they scored some fun, warm, blue-water waves on their wedding gift 4gfs. I'll send pics as soon as I get them.


Geoffrey Levens said...

The UDT is XXXL and Greenough isn't! Is a Greenough spec a small version of the UDT? HUH?

PG said...

The "Greenough-Spec" UDT is a variation of the uber-large 4GF mat.

George wanted a giant mat for tiny windswell waves, so ordered a UDT with some changes. It has a round tail, and increased I-Beam stagger.

Occasionally I make one for someone who has similar needs.

Email us if you want to get one...