Mar 21, 2013

Introducing 4GF Australia...

(A Reasonable Facsimile of Neil)

4GF mats are now available through Mr. Neil Pye, of the greater Brisbane area.

His email contact is:

His facebook page is:

The main advantage of ordering through Neil -- if you're Australian, or live in Australia, or plan to visit Australia in the near future -- is a much quicker delivery time. He can get a mat out within a day or two, and shipping time will be around 3 days. His price is $199 AUS, plus shipping. So it's about the same, or few bucks less, than ordering directly from 4GF. But again, much faster delivery.

I've been slaving away in order to fill his pantry of mats to it's bursting point. As of today, his inventory looks like this:

1 x 5GF
3 x Standard
3 x Tracker
3 x Omni
4 x Fatty
4 x Vespa
2 x XL
2 x UDT
2 x Classic

Neil is, of course, an avid mat riding enthusiast, and will keep a real time 4GF inventory on his facebook page.

So give him a shout out! (Do people still say that?)



KingWaka said...


n s pye said...

Yeah cobbers! One fair dinkum mat bloke here to see that you get your surfmats in a bloody hurry!

matador said...

Hey, what does greater brisbane area mean??

PG said...


North of Melbourne, east of Perth...that general area.


Actually, I think Neil is in the 'burbs of Brisbane.

Piskian said...

"Fill his pantry"-hurrhurr.

Grayman said...

That does look like Neil! :D