May 12, 2013

From Tim...

Hi Paul,

I'm very happy with the OMNI. I was using it on the first wave I caught on the Maldives and thought "wow". I also had the STANDARD and VESPA with me and I surfed all of them. They are truly different. I must admit though that when the conditions are right I enjoy the Standard the most. It seems like it provides the best hold in a waves face of all my surfmats.

Now it is almost two months ago since I returned from the tropics and I had time to reflect about my visit to the Maldives. It was great, the water so clear and overall an amazing experience. I took my longboard with me but ended up using my surfmats 95% of the time. Personally I have had some issues with the warm water there. To avoid rash I had to always wear a long sleeve rash shirt over my thin neoprene short john. It wasn't as comfortable as wearing a wetsuit and I felt too hot most of the time. That probably makes me a cold water surfer ;-)

Apropos cold water: Last week I was in the north of Denmark and had the opportunity to put on my thickest rubber and to test the OMNI in entirely different conditions. I also ended up making a little video about it

You where right about the hot wax finish. It really works regardless of the water temperature. Great job!

Thanks again for your fantastic surfmats and all your support.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

Awesome. It must take some dedication to surf in such cold. Or maybe the smiles were just frozen in place. Cimematography was great too. Steve (Oz)

Grayman said...

Aussies are so soft. ;)

Nice vide Tim. It'd be ineresting to have a wrist mount angled towards the wave. You were definitely on the most appropriate craft.