May 21, 2013

From The T-Dog...



Hey PG,

Matt Pierce, JJ and I scored an epic Midnight Malibu session last night! 3-5ft, with occasional 6ft  sets. Big, bright moon and clear skies. The waves started out kinda chunky, but grew faster as the tide pulled out, and all three of us were streaking on our 4GFs! Matt on his Omni, JJ on his Tracker RT, and me on the Greeno-Spec UDT. Matt and I played bumper cars on one set wave, blasting down the line and bouncing off each other, hooting the whole way (like GG and Michael Cundith in Crystal Voyager)!

Sadly, not enough light to document anything last night...but I've attached a few pics from my recent GoPro outings. I'm putting together a top-secret movie starring Mary. Shhhh... Don't tell her.

Also, I saw this, but sadly, I can't afford it at the moment:
Hope all is well with you!


Quiver said...

Wow, just on Monday I finally donned my GoPro for a mat session. It looks like Tremor wore his the same way I did, which is head strap around the chest, camera on the wave side shoulder blade. I was happy the angle was reminiscent of some of Greenough's footage. I left the thing running non-stop for a 2 hour session. Any advice for free editing software? I tried two different ones and they were both a headache, not designed for long waits between short action sequences.

Jeff said...

Great pics!!Love that PG hull.Wish that was being sold over here!!

Anonymous said...

that is my old board, one i had wanted back for some time now. it was the guy that bought it off me that still had it. didn't look like it got much use since he has had it. i nabbed it up right away. it's my wife's new hull!
el vaquero

PG- "are we not men?" le devo for frenchy