May 22, 2013

More Wit and Wisdom From Mat Max !

I ran across a collection of old Go Karting images -- including an advert for the first kart I had back in the early 60's -- and sent it on to my old karting/matting/surfing buddy, Mat Max...
Hey PG,
The simplicity of 60s karts is really attractive. Just google karting images for a comparison to now.
I recently had an old rigid bicycle with well-worn fat mtb tires in Byron (until it got stolen) and so much enjoyed the essential "bikeness" compared to my 6" travel full-suspension all-mountain rig here in NZ.
Of course, this is also an homage to the purity of surfing with mat and flippers. Now that a 4GF has replaced boards for a couple of years straight (plus Mini Mat when the surf is 6'+), and with nearly thirty years of modern mat experience, mat riding has actually started to feel normal rather than off center. What this points out is the strength of the binding forces of modernity.
Which is actually more fun? A $15,000 racing kart at a 100mph racetrack, or some 5hp retro carts and a box of beer in a big backyard? Has the mainstream pursuit of fun lost it's way? Thankfully, surfmatters are conscious counterpoints to modern seriousness and expense...
Yee Ha!

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