Apr 2, 2015

The Big And Small Of It ...

Hi Paul, 
I'm just sharing a short clip my twelve year old boy Alejandro riding your 4GF in Cocoa Beach, FL. I'm pretty stoke about it. Your 4GF is not only for old school, it's for new school too. More power to you and 4GF.



I hope you are doing well.
Got a couple of fun ones over the last weekend.
It was a mini mat meet, and David Song took a few pictures. This was the Omni DRP. In retrospect I should have turned at the top and run for the shoulder, such as it was, it gets walled down here on a south.
If I turned earlier and got it into 4th gear I might have made the section. The DRP definitely holds in on the drop and bottom turn!

And...apparently our own JJ rode CDM Jetty on his Fatty during the same swell!


Hi Paul,

Here are my two friends doing a surf-canoe-to-surf-mat transfer on Kauai. I was really stoked to see this and want to share it with you.

Jeremy from Malolo canoe  surf

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tuskedbeast said...

I see I picked the wrong weekend to go on a three day morphine binge.

Nice pics Bruce!

And daring the Jetty without added fins... impressive!!