Apr 6, 2016

From Jeff ...

Hi Paul

Here's the email I sent you back in November...

True personal story I wanted to share with you as it has been a really uplifting experience. I had an old friend show up who went down the wrong road and went through alot but has managed to beat the demons and keep to the straight and narrow path. 

Well into clean living, he would go down and watch me surf.We surfed together as kids. I got him on the Vespa and he was blown away. Had tears in his eyes exclaiming I'm like a little kid!! He catches waves finless, gave him some UDT's but he still paddles in and rides waves the hard way anytime there's surf.He's in really good shape.
Being good and doing the right thing,going to church,the gym can be hard work and a bit boring compared to the alternative.Mat surfing has been a huge release for my friend.And a hell of alot of fun!! Now if I could only get him to put the damn fins on!!

 I finally got a pic of my friend Ed with his Vespa. Today he used the UDT's fins
 for the first time and it was a game changer for sure! He rides every wave to the beach
 and is having a ton of fun! He is taking his mat to Hawaii on a family vacation this summer as well.

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Anonymous said...

Great story and indicative of the fundamental joy that mats provide