Apr 20, 2016

From Jeremy ...

Hi Paul,

Hope this finds you well.

The new 4GF surf mat is top notch. I have been riding it with low inflation.
It is fast. I trying to trim right ahead of the wave right where one would drop in..

Question: What if the 4GF was 1" narrower and 1/3" thinner?

Recently  I am trying to extend/point my outside leg (going left) 45 degrees. The idea is to get a video of the surf mat from the back of the wave, with only the  flipper revealed above the lip.

Yesterday the fading swell against the grain of the flood tide produced little walls. I positioned my camera on the beach where the set waves ended.



Paul Gross said...

What you are describing -- 1" narrower and 1/3" thinner -- is a 4GF Lotus.


Unknown said...

Love the lotus

Paul Gross said...

Some info here...