Aug 9, 2016

From Surf Sister ...

My response? GET A MAT !!!


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tuskedbeast said...

I LOVE this weird footage, thanks for sharing it Mary!

How the hell did these people even get out the back much less catch waves, with no fins, body half-constricted by those asinine vehicles?

Also love the bizarre obsessive editing, the repetition of the same slow motion airdrop, weirdly omitting any paddling or ride.

And finally, the somewhat heavy, rather unphotogenic waves themselves. I can't remember anyone portraying surf like that.

What it reminds me of was watching my mat virgin friend go for a big wave late drop on his first ever wave on my 4GF, which I recounted in that illegible letter from New Zealand. It looked just like that from my perspective. And there it is again, over and over and over...