Aug 3, 2016

... And Kiss Our Pagan Arses Whilst Yer At It, Mate !!!

No, it wasn't enough, those last three posts. The aptly named SCUMM crew just had to pip in with another drool-inducing vid...


This is the prequel to the prequel, throwback Thursday ...I was at home and noticed the wind had backed off, drown down to the Island for a squiz, no one out, so rang and woke up Neal, by the time I had hit the beach and paddled out, a longboarder had beat me out to the lineup, with Neal following 30 minutes later. Winter and the empty line ups have finally arrived on the South Coast!
You had Eric in hysterics over the Seppo Wanker comment, too funny!!! we have too many seppo friends living over California & Hawaii to piss them off with that comment.

This is me being a ozzie wanker with friends over on Maui  !!!

Thanks again & Aloha



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Anonymous said...

Just stayed on at work to watch that, brilliant footage, lifted a v weary brain back into the real world
thanks guys, your smiles said it all, getcha! old surfer uk