Aug 1, 2016

In Your Face, Seppo Wankers !!!

As if the last two posts weren't a dagger in the heart of Northern Hemisphere mat riders enduring yet another flat summer, ol' Adam just had to forward this, the prequel to their day in the sun.

Thanks Mate!

Howdy Paul

To complete the box set, here is the prequel. Justin and I paddled out in the dark at 6.30am...our first 4 waves were to dark to film.

Neal paddled out by 7, and we only had another 3 stand up riders to share with for 3 hours.

I normally never lose my mat, but got compressed on a late set wave finishes with myself on the Island looking for a black mat amongst those boulders. I nearly gave up looking, and just then the sun shone on a bit of blue happy, it only took me 40 minutes to swim round, climb up over boulders, retrieve and paddle back out!

Regards & Aloha




harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

The title of this post has truly made my day. I probably will walk around and say this to everyone I meet for days and days. My poor wife

Paul Gross said...

They didn't actually say that to me...but it was lurking between the lines of their communiques!

KingWaka said...

Ha, cheeky bugger PG, you had Eric in hysterics !

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

I am still laughing