Jan 3, 2017

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Omni table cloth...



Happy New Year!

Loved the Omni on the latest Puerto Rico holiday.  Marti and I had a rare treat with no tree, no gifts, no family/in-laws, no kids this Christmas.

Packed 2 4thGearFlyer Mats in the space of 2 Pringles cans and took off. We are a short 4 hour flight to San Juan, PR, so we took advantage. Spent 4 days in San Juan -Viejo and got around by foot/ bike and had a blast on Winter surf and snorkle outings. Later we drove up to NW Coast and tried to sample as many beaches as possible over the next week....tons of options without people. Surf was romping!..... Ran into a crew of prone riders in Isabela and enjoyed their home break, Hustle, And their Aloha! Thanks to Govanni and crew for a great couple of days.

Made a point to spend several days in old San Juan after missing it last trip. Whole area is 7 blocks x 5 blocks cobblestone streets made of ship ballast stones. 1500's Historical Architecture wonderland.

It was uncrowded in most beach areas, very peaceful and family oriented. Everyone was gracious and made us feel at home. Aside from Rincon area being crowded over Christmas, as usual, everywhere else was empty. We either snorkled, surfed or swam at Steps, Domes, Crashboat, Gas Chambers, Aguadilla/Ramey, Shacks, Jobos and a dozen other beaches over to Arecibo and Hallows. Try to make it back there if you can!

OK...pics of matting...well, we didn't do so good on that order. Nobody but the two of us most times in water. Here is the best I got!

Tom S

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